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Skyline Landscaping provides homeowners with a choice of landscaping services that will transform any garden into a personal paradise. Contact us now to get started!

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The Definition of Landscaping

Landscaping consists of a series of steps that seek to change your garden to fit a specific design. Steps include improving your garden’s aesthetics by adding new plants or rock work, reshaping the yard with site work, or building a new structure like a patio. Skyline Landscaping also offers garden clean-up and maintenance services. Our team will trim your hedges, prune all flowers, shape trees by cutting off branches, mow the lawn, and more. We can take good care of your garden for you.

The Landscaping Services We Provide

Skyline Landscaping has seven different landscaping services for you. Each can help enhance the look of your garden or change it completely for the better.


Our main service. With this, we focus on renovating your landscape and adding new elements to it. We do provide other residential landscaping.

Site Work

Site work will prepare your garden for newer or bigger changes. It includes scraping the lot, removing debris, and removing any trees.

Outdoor Living

Let’s develop your garden further by building an outdoor area for you and your family to enjoy. We build patios, outdoor kitchens, and pavilions.

Irrigation & Lighting

Make watering your garden quick and water-efficient. This will help save you time. Add lighting as well to highlight the best parts of your garden.


This service will make your garden less reliant on water. We will make your garden thrive better in hotter and drier places in the country.

Concrete & Rock Work

Add some contrast to your garden by including concrete, rock, and stone elements. This is also a great way to protect your garden in the long run.


There is more to garden maintenance than mowing the lawn or clipping flowers. We’ll fertilize the ground, add mulch, check for weeds, and more.

Why Choose Landscaping Services in Canyon?

Skyline’s landscaping services will be great for homeowners who want to do something with their gardens but do not have the time or energy. Here are five great reasons to hire our team for your landscaping needs.

Saves Time

A landscaped garden will be quicker to take care of, thanks to several design reasons like irrigation, xeriscaping, or your garden's layout.

Saves Money

Once landscaped, there will be fewer things to clean and take care of. This means there are fewer times you need to hire someone to maintain your yard.

Saves Energy

You will find it easier to take care of your garden quickly and consistently, especially if your garden design has everything in a compact space.

Design Your Space

Not happy with a flat lawn edged with boring hedges? Let us know what kind of design you prefer, and we will shape your garden to suit your idea.

Increase Home Value

A house for sale with a landscaped yard will turn a lot of heads and get many homebuyers interested in your house. Expect it to be sold instantly.

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