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A landscaped yard would never be complete without a lighting and irrigation system. Keep your plants beautiful and green with our New Braunfels sprinkler systems and well-lit during the night with our lighting systems.

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Irrigation & Lighting

What are Irrigation and Lighting?

These are two systems you should consider adding to your yard. One will keep your garden green and refreshed during the hottest days. The other will allow your outdoor living space to be usable during the night.

New Braunfels sprinkler and lighting systems come in many forms, and are built using different materials. Both are made to withstand and function during any type of weather or climate, be it hot, cold, rainy, or snowy.

And if something goes wrong, our lighting and irrigation system experts can provide you with timely irrigation and lighting repair services in New Braunfels.

Benefits of an Irrigation System

Installing New Braunfels sprinkler systems will help you and your yard in many ways. Here are four to think about.

Time Saver

Why spend a couple of hours a day watering the yard when you can flip a switch and our New Braunfels sprinkler systems can get it done for you?

Better Coverage

With our sprinkler system installation in New Braunfels, every inch of your yard will be covered equally and efficiently with water. You won’t have to worry about missing a spot.

Efficient Watering

In addition to providing better yard watering coverage, our sprinkler system installation in New Braunfels will use much less water compared to you using a watering hose.

Money Saver

Using our sprinkler system installation in New Braunfels is a great money-saving and long-term investment. You also don’t have to worry about fixing anything because we offer cost-friendly New Braunfels sprinkler repair.

Benefits of Getting Landscape Lighting

While some may argue that you won’t need any kind of yard lighting, it gives you a few long-term benefits.

Use Yard at Night

Whether you have a decked-out outdoor living area or a beautiful garden, adding outdoor lights will let you, your family, and your friends use the yard at night time.

Enhance Landscape Design

Not only will it let you use your outdoor area at night, lighting can be used to bring out specific parts of your landscaped yard. Lighting can, for example, bring focus to your favorite plants or show off the texture of your walk path.

Add Ambiance to Outdoor Living

Additional lighting can be incorporated into your outdoor living area to add to the area’s character and enhance the atmosphere. Want to feel like you’re out camping? We can do that.

Right Lights For The Task

We can install a variety of lights for your landscaped garden and outdoor area. We have lights for your deck, outdoor living area, walk paths, plants of all shapes, and more.

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