Doing Site Work for Future Landscaping

Site work is an essential service we provide to all residential homeowners with a New Braunfels landscaping project in mind. We’ll clear the designated lot before we begin working on your landscaping and hardscaping designs.

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Site Work

What Does Site Work Involve?

‘Site Work’ is a broad term that covers a set of activities that will help clear and prepare an area for, usually, home construction. But it is also done for landscaping or hardscaping projects.

With Skyline Landscaping, our site work involves services like lot scraping, brush removal, adding swells, and more. Think of site work as a preparatory step before we begin with our New Braunfels landscaping services.

Alternatively, site work also could involve clearing an area of everything green as preparation for hardscaping. This includes creating a concrete foundation, constructing a retaining wall, or doing some quick rock work.

Benefits of Site Work

Most New Braunfels landscaping can be done without site work. However, if your plans go beyond simple gardening -such as doing extensive rock work or adding an outdoor living area- then site work is something you will need. And here are four reasons why.

Prepare The Ground

Before anything can be done, the area needs to be cleared and prepared for use. We’ll remove stones, rocks, weeds, shrubs, and anything impeding landscaping.

Get The Best Results

A properly prepared ground will also make your New Braunfels landscape look clean and well-designed. Every flower, plant, rock, and stone will be in the best spots in your yard.

Makes Maintenance Easy

Site work will take care of the majority of your future yard maintenance in one go. You will have fewer things to worry about once your yard has been fully landscaped and hardscaped.

Lower Future Costs

Site work can also reinforce your yard in many ways. Swells (or swales) help reduce water use and lower irrigation costs. A retaining wall can protect your outdoor living area from loose debris.

When To Opt for Site Work

Site work is essential to any landscaping and hardscaping project. The amount of site work you’ll need will depend on your final design plans and budget. If you have a large backyard, we can take care of the site work as needed, doing one section at a time.

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