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Skyline Landscaping can build excellent outdoor living spaces to enhance your landscaped backyard.
Our contractors in New Braunfels, TX can build patios, pavilions, and outdoor kitchens. Contact us to learn more.

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Outdoor Living Space

About Outdoor Living Spaces

For those who don’t know, an outdoor living space can be defined as an area that extends your home’s entertainment space to the outdoors. It’s usually a combination of stone and wooden structures built in your backyard, set near an area that has various landscape features.

Your outdoor living area can take many forms, from simply covered patios with tables and chairs to New Braunfels outdoor kitchens with a fireplace. What kind of outdoor space our contractors in New Braunfels, TX can build will depend on the available space.

Whatever you want to do with the space you have, we will work closely with you to ensure the design and layout of your outdoor area will be both comfortable and enjoyable.

Why Build An Outdoor Living Area?

In addition to extending your living space to your backyard, creating usable outdoor space grants you and your family several benefits.

Spend Time Outdoors

Having an outdoor living space will surely encourage family members to go outside, breathe in the fresh air, and spend time together. It has been said that spending time outside can lower your stress levels effectively.

Place To Entertain

An outdoor living area will forever be the perfect venue to entertain guests. You can have barbecue parties, family get-togethers, and evening meals with close friends. It’s less limiting compared to doing things indoors.

Eat Out Less

Outdoor living areas with New Braunfels outdoor kitchens will encourage you to eat home-cooked meals. Why go to an expensive restaurant when you can enjoy the same type of meal in your backyard?

Increase Home’s Value

Being a popular feature, especially for homes in warmer parts of the US, an outdoor living area will increase your home value substantially. If you plan to sell your home in the future, be ready to meet multiple buyers.

Things To Consider First

Before you jump ahead and start planning for your outdoor living area, you must consider a few things.


Will your outdoor space be a small pool for the kids to enjoy or an outdoor kitchen to cook food? As tempting as it is to include everything, you must first choose a function your outdoor area will have.


Normally, you would want your outdoor area to share the same style as the house. However, if you'd like to try something different, ask our contractors in New Braunfels, TX for more ideas.


Think about what kind of flooring you would want for your outdoor space. You can choose a material that fits your main outdoor feature, like stone or wood.

Focal Points

These are features people look to first before looking at the whole area. It can be a plant or tree from your landscaping, an outdoor fireplace, or the stove of your outdoor kitchen.

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