Our Story

Sharon Lashley The Owner

Inspired Roots

Founded in 2016 by Cooper Henk, Skyline Landscaping & Tree Care provides quality, customer-focused landscaping services throughout Comal County. Inspired by his passion for the outdoors, plants and nature, Cooper always knew he wanted to work in the landscaping industry. From the time he was 14, he was working with landscapers and renovating his parents’ yard. When Cooper turned 18, he decided to start his own landscaping business while attending school, and upon turning 20, he hired his first employees and decided to go in full-time. Since then, Cooper has remained steadfast in his commitment to always create amazing, unique and usable spaces, while staying within his clients’ budgets. 

Sharon Lashley The Owner

Our Core Principles

Skyline Landscaping & Tree Cares core principles are Integrity, Hard Work and Vision

For a company to truly do good work and have a working relationship with its clients, it must have the integrity to do what is right and stand behind the work.  

From the beginning, Cooper Henk and his team have understood that to create beautiful and amazing landscapes, you must work hard to achieve it. Hard work is the backbone of creating an amazing product.

Lastly, but most importantly, is vision. It takes true vision to make a great landscape design project come true; however, one must have vision as the driving force behind the hard work. It takes experience and creativity to have a vision for what works and will be truly beautiful.

Enjoy the Great Outdoors

Get friends and family outside more often when you create a space that is as beautiful as it is functional.

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